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Ashley Banister and Leslie Peterson

Thank you for a great 2020 Finals!~

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN FINALS THIS YEAR!!! With Covid, I truly was so uncertain how it would all come together, how many contestants we would have, or how I would pull it all together, but it was awesome!! Kansas NBHA Members are amazing and so caring! We literally run with some of the best in the country and I truly love watching our finals round! It’s soo exciting!! You guys all put on a heck of a show and keep everyone on their toes!! Congratulations to all of our state champions!! Randee Prindle & Red Man Jones won for the 3rd year in a row! Such a truly amazing team!! Their future together is so bright!!

Thank you so much to my team of Directors, members, friends and family that step up and work so hard to make this show a success!! Seth Roy does such a great job keeping the show moving and the crowd entertained. Russell Merchen for working the gate all weekend. Everyone loves your uplifting personality! Kerry Lynn Bowman for keeping times and helping keep Seth on track 😂. Bryan Holder for doing ALL THE RESULTS!! I throw some much at him every year and he doesn’t blink an eye at it. My parents Rick & Kathy Baker for working the office the entire weekend, from office open to the last ones to leave, they were always there!! Leslie Peterson for working the office all weekend. Ashley Banister for being my rock and helping with soo many things!! You are so appreciated!

Dana Baker Wagner &  Kori Wagner

for helping in the office and most importantly taking care of my horse the whole weekend when I couldn’t get away from the office.!! Scott Banister Jr. For all your help of setting up and packing up!! Erin Bowman Merchen for tearing down the arena after the show was over! Becky Bennett for doing exhibitions and ride session! Donna Justin & Jackie Baker Van Petten for helping with awards!! Leland Smith & Richard Carter for making the ground AMAZING & keeping it amazing all weekend!!! Truly some of the best ground I’ve seen at the expo!!! As you guys can see, it takes an entire army to put finals on.. it’s not just me! I truly appreciate everyone that helped out in so many ways!! I’m sure I missed many, and I’m sorry, but I do really appreciate everyone!!! We’ll have full results up, including the average sidepot by tomorrow evening! I also need a signed W9 on file before I can mail your checks out, so please get those to me ASAP so I can mail your winnings!

Updates for 2020 Kansas NBHA Championship Finals

Here are a few updates from our 2020 Directors meetings. (I’m sure you’ve already heard from your director, but in case someone missed it) We had a great meeting and made some adjustments to the schedule for Finals 2020! Your directors work very hard for you, so please thank them!

-No HORSE STAMPING! 🎉🎉 well all but Futurity & Derby Horses!

-Futurity & Derby will be a 2 run average this year! They’ll run Friday & Saturday and can carry over to the Open if they wish!

-2020 Kansas State Finals T-Shirts may be worn during your Friday/Saturday run. Hat/Helmet, Jeans and Boots still required!

-Will run an Insurance Race Sunday Morning

-Sunday Final Rounds will be ran in a Random Draw 5D-1D

I also attached a TENTATIVE schedule for 2020…. things are still not finalized so they could change over the next couple months!

kansas nbha state championship finals