Updates for 2020 Kansas NBHA Championship Finals

Here are a few updates from our 2020 Directors meetings. (I’m sure you’ve already heard from your director, but in case someone missed it) We had a great meeting and made some adjustments to the schedule for Finals 2020! Your directors work very hard for you, so please thank them!

-No HORSE STAMPING! 🎉🎉 well all but Futurity & Derby Horses!

-Futurity & Derby will be a 2 run average this year! They’ll run Friday & Saturday and can carry over to the Open if they wish!

-2020 Kansas State Finals T-Shirts may be worn during your Friday/Saturday run. Hat/Helmet, Jeans and Boots still required!

-Will run an Insurance Race Sunday Morning

-Sunday Final Rounds will be ran in a Random Draw 5D-1D

I also attached a TENTATIVE schedule for 2020…. things are still not finalized so they could change over the next couple months!

kansas nbha state championship finals